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We offer the leading value for fully licensed annual backflow Preventer Certifications and Repairs in Atlanta Metro. The team at United Installers is licensed and trained to provide annual backflows prevention valves test in Atlanta and the surrounding smaller city municipalities.

Businesses trust our certified backflow technicians with managing all aspects of the backflow testing and inspection. If backflow testing shows issues with your valves, we’ll inform your team immediately about both the repairs needed and the deadline for this based on their prior testing history of filing with the local municipality.

United Installers can schedule regular backflow testing annually to keep you business in compliance with local ordinances.

We’re the experts, so trust United Installers to support your business in this often overlooked but critical required maintenance

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Most Georgia

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Regular Backflow Testing

For Property Compliance

The Long & Short Of Backflow Preventer Valve Testing

What is Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is a service that must be provided by certified plumbers to check and assure your clean water is actually clean. Backflow happens when clean water reverses direction, which creates suction and causes dirt and grime to flow into your drinking water supply.

This is why backflow testing is so important. By checking the valve on a schedule, backflow assemblies can be maintained and tested, and the plumber can repair and certify the system for clean potable water.

Backflow testing should be performed at least once a year on all backflow prevention valves, and sometimes more for those in some types of commercial industries.

Though this affects everyone, residential backflow assembly testing is often overlooked by residential home owners. United Installers can quickly test and then maintain or repair backflow preventers, up to replacing a bad valve if the one provided during the build isn’t as robust as it should have been.

The person certifying the backflow testing inspection must be licensed to do so in most municipalities here in Atlanta. United Installers has technicians fully licensed and experienced getting these water valves inspected, cleaned and maintained.

Backflow Testing Is Important

Backflow testing is critical for many reasons, but most importantly to ensure backflow prevention so your water is safe to use. When a backflow is present in your plumbing system, you could easily be exposing yourself and others to fertilizer, chemicals, and even human waste in your water. This can make those who drink it very sick.

Sometimes you can tell when you have a backflow, but other times you can’t. Most businesses don’t test water often, so this can be an issue. Luckily, there is a solution; backflow testing! Have United Installers check it out, with our affordable and convenient scheduled testing program.

Business and property owner should schedule a test on their backflow valves and assemblies regularly. Even residential home owners may require a backflow valve assembly test every year, depending on the home.

Scheduled backflow testing allows a plumber to clean and check assemblies for damaged seals and parts, doing basic maintenance to prevent bigger problems, and prevention beats major repairs any day!

We even provide emergency service if your test date is coming due quickly!

Backflow Prevention Testing Can Help

A backflow assembly can assure that what water is used in a business or for personal uses is clean and sanitary. To be up to code in Atlanta, and much of the state of Georgia, most buildings need one of these valves. Additionally, there’s fines if these aren’t installed properly or if annual testing is missed. So backflows testing saves money.

City backflow fines from your city are no joke either. If you are in a position to manage a property, please check to see if your backflow test has been annually certified lately!

And just consider the damage to your reputation, customer experience and bottom line if a customer did a water test and it came back with pollutants! “A backflow prevention is worth a pound of cure.” (yeah, we didn’t get that either)

Just schedule your next certification with United Installers, and give yourself the gift of one less thing to keep up with.

A Backflow Preventer Valve Assembly Cutaway:

Here’s a picture of a backflow prevention device much like the blue one above, only with a relief valve included. It’s made up of multiple valves, hence it’s an assembly. Oh, and we’ve added notes to this illustration to show how it works and what tends to need replaced on an older valve.

As with most any water valve, the seals tend to go first on these, or sometimes they’ll get debris stuck to them. Next, the spring also wears out often, so these can be replaced easily during This is something a yearly maintenance can replace without replacing the entire valve, and one of the more common this we do for backflow prevention valves. That’s why our backflows testing on the water system of our commercial customers is such a great value.

Simply using the pressure coming into the building, these special types of check valves slightly lower water pressure, and maintain a closed loop system that forces a valve closed when building water pressure exceeds the pressures in the main inlet. When they work, no-one has to think about them, but when they’re in need of a new seal or cleaning out, backflow assemblies can get worse very quickly.

To get proper backflow testing and to certify this with your city, your going to have to hire a backflow testing certified plumber. Yes, even a licensed journeyman plumber needs to get an upgrade to their license to be a certified backflow testing technician!

Installing backflow devices needs a proper plan like any plumbing addition. There are a number of different types of backflow prevention valves, and each piece has items that need planned with the owner or manager. For instance, if this valve gets stuck and begins dumping the building’s water into the relief valve, is that plumbed to a drain? Has maintenance scheduled backflows testing for each backflow assembly? Is there a manager who assures this is continuing? Do customer complaints about water quality reach his desk? When it’s time to install, from a simple valve of whatever size, to large sets of backflow assemblies,

United Installers backflow services is the right choice.United Installers’ team of backflow certified technicians have the experience and understanding to help you plan any stage of building plumbing maintenance. Our testing services is second to none! Ask about our annual backflow certification scheduling program: We can have this part of your responsibility become nothing more than us calling and scheduling once a year with you.

Protect your peace of mind right now: Schedule your next backflow testing or set up a regular annual scheduled service call with us now.  

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