Employment Types Here At United Installers:

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  • Support Staff 
  • Plumbers Helpers
  • Service Techs
  • Licensed Plumbers
Support Staff 

Who doesn’t need support? And how valuable is that?

Wow, we just couldn’t do business without our accounting and scheduling staff! These wonderful people interact with our customers, set up jobs, and make sure everyone get paid. We don’t often lose our core positions, but when we do, boy do we interview carefully!

We’re small and locally owned, so while work is always work, we have fun here.

If you have great experience with Quickbooks enterprise or you provide amazing customer service and have scheduling experience, feel free to contact us.

Warn you though, we don’t lose our inside people that often….

Plumbers Helpers

Let your hard work build your future.

Plumbers, actual service plumbers with experience running a truck for residential or commercial plumbing, make a good wage. Plumbers helpers usually have to prove their worth, face lower pay and do a lot the “grunt” work. This is a reality in the industry, and here too, unfortunately. Rather than blow any sunshine at you, let’s review 2 facts:

1. United Installers Plumbing pays based on ability. In fact, our non-licensed service techs get the option to make commissions only slightly lower than a licensed plumber once they prove their ability to run a service truck.

2. One of our present plumbers earned their Journeyman’s license here. That individual spent 3 years being steady, on-time and learning the craft, and we kept hearing good things from our customers about them too. When the time came, we knew it was our turn to support them.

Listen, anyone can tell you their policy on licensure. We don’t have one, instead we’ll point to our team.

Come work here, it’s a tough job, but we have fun and you’ll learn. In the end, you’ll be glad you did.

Service Techs

Get that next step:

Without that license, even experienced plumbers face devaluing statements, perceptions and lower pay. If you’ve been plumbing for years but never got your license, United Installers values that values that experience.

Want Proof?

Consider 2 statements of fact: We pay one of the highest commissions to non-licensed plumbers in this area. This means we not only trust our experienced techs to price and run jobs, but we put our money where our mouth is. One of licensed plumbers got that license here with us. That’s an actual license not a benefit policy statement. Did he have to work for it? Of course, but after being with us for a few years, it was time for us to do our part. You can say all you want about benefits, where’s the money and where’s the loyalty?

Choose United Installers Plumbing for your employment, you’ll be glad you did.

Licensed Plumbers

What is Job Satisfaction?

Licensed Journeyman and Master plumbers here in Georgia can make some good money. Licensed are non-reciprocal so licensed persons are in a short supply, and with all the local watershed strictures, demand is high.

What do you want to accomplish?

  • Want to grow your license from Journeyman to Master? That’s happened here as recently as 2019
  • Want to learn how to run a truck for yourself? Our techs are independent and commission based, because it’s their work 
  • Want steady work? We mix commercial and residential for just that reason.

You’re going to work for someone, right? Well, with United Installers Plumbing, you’re working for yourself from day one, estimating and pricing the way your experience tells you to and serving the community with quality plumbing.

Choose United installers for your next position, you’ll be glad you did.

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