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Garbage Disposal Installation

If your garbage disposal is beyond being repaired, we also offer full service disposal installation. We use only quality, Badger brand disposals, to save our customers frequent replacements.Garbage disposal installation from United Installers means dependable, fast service with the benefit of our many years of plumbing experience.

Garbage Disposal  Repair

Garbage disposal repair is usually needed when the under cutter disk becomes stuck or jammed, the seals and hoses start leaking or the impeller wears out. Our highly trained plumbers can save your garbage disposal with prompt repair in most of these cases.Usually repair is needed when the disposal has been used improperly.

Sometimes with a family, many harmful items can find their way into the sink. The same is often more likely with employees at a business where many people use the sink and disposal.

Garbage Disposal Do’s & Don’ts

Garbage Disposal Best Practices

Keep Hands & Tools Out!

Keep hands and body parts and tools out of the garbage disposal unit! Please be safe at all times when operating your garbage disposal, this means not sticking any tool or part in when it’s turned on!

Clean With Cold Water Not Hot:

While cold water is running, grease stays semi solid, and much of it will stay in the garbage disposal until it’s been completely broken down into the smallest particle size. Using a good dish detergent can then suspend these particles, keeping them from depositing in your pipes and taking them down the sewer and to the waste water plant. Just as an note, modern waste water facilities have no problem with properly ground garbage disposal waste treatment, and the water’s cold when it gets to them.

Running hot water melts grease, which will re-harden when it hits colder water down the line, coating your sewer pipe in more and more grease over time: not a great plan.

Lemon Juice & Baking Soda Reduce Smells

Lemon juice can be used to clean the smell of a garbage disposal, making your kitchen smell better, but don’t expect this to keep it clean; the citric acid in lemons and limes is a too weak to do major cleaning. You can also use baking soda or drop orange or lemon peel down the disposal for great smelling effects. 

For thorough cleaning, cold water and dishsoap are tried and true methods, and there are products sold in grocery stores designed to clean disposal that usually come in easy to use “pods”.

Give It Time & Lots Of Cold Water: 

 Let the disposal run for a minute with cold water after you are finished to be sure that all the food has cleared. Try to run material through the garbage disposal in smaller amounts, aiming to reduce how much the garbage disposal “slows down” to chew the material.

Don’t overwhelm your disposal. With the water running, feed the food in slowly, in smaller chunks so that the scraps can flow easily through the drain. If the amount of food begins to slow the disposal, or make the sound lower, you’re likely adding the waste too fast; slow down and use more water.

Garbage Disposal Don’ts

Don’t Pour Grease, Fats Or Oil In

NEVER pour grease, fat, or oil into your garbage disposal. This can clog your drains and ruin your disposal’s grinding ability. Grease in your drains will drain your wallet quick! Many say to use hot water to clear out your disposal, but remember, converting grease to a more liquid form only works to move the grease along until it hits a colder pipe. Then there’s grease buildup in that colder part of the line that will eventually require more expensive cleaning such as hydro-jetting to clear out. 

Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals On Your Disposal

Don’t use harsh chemicals such as bleach or drain cleaners to unclog your disposal. These chemicals can damage your unit by eating the seals that help separate parts of the unit keep working together. Dish washing liquids and those products actually designed for garbage disposals are all you should need if the unit is treated and maintained correctly.

Don’t Grind Fibrous Foods

Don’t grind fibrous items such as celery, banana skins, or corn husks in your disposal. These types of foods have strong, stringy fibers. When these fibers knot up they can stop a disposal unit dead in it’s tracks! Remember, meats can be fibrous too.

No Egg Shells, Bones Or Other Dense Materials

Don’t place Egg shells, bones and other dense materials into you garbage disposal. Not only will these items back your drains up and cause clogs, but the garbage disposal unit will have to be replaced often. 

Don’t Pour Enormous Amounts Of Food Down The Disposal 

Starch foods need a lot of water to go down correctly. Oatmeal, for instance, is not a good choice for pouring down your sink. Starches absorb water, create sticky molecular bonds, then these molecules freeze in place inside your disposal. Coffee grounds can also cause problems by building up in the mechanical parts of disposal. See “Give It Time & Lots Of Cold Water” in our “Do This” section

Don’t Ever Grind Non-Food Items

Never ground any non-food item such as paper, glass, metal, cigarette butts, or anything combustible. This is one of those items most people understand, but we’ve seen poor customer who just didn’t know. So…

No non-foods in the garbage disposal, it just means you’ll likely replace it much sooner.