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Gas line installation and repair requires a plumbing permit and a professional plumber because of the potential danger involved. It is very important that you never attempt to repair or install a gas line yourself. If you suspect a gas leak, always call 911. 

When an emergency gas leak is detected, and your gas is shut off, United Installers can repair the damage quickly to get your gas turned on as soon as possible. You can rely on our experience to to get your gas back on with quality you can count on, and safety you can trust!

United Installers offers gas line installation for gas appliances including, clothes dryers, water heaters, fire places, console heaters, boilers, gas stoves, cooktops, barbecues, hot tub and pool heaters, water heaters, furnaces and other remodeling projects. Our expert technicians are also ready to install gas lines for your restaurant equipment and commercial grade appliances at your business too.

Working with natural gas requires experience and skill. United Installers has several years of combined experience working with residential and commercial gas lines. We will work safely and efficiently to serve your specific gas line needs.