Why Are My Faucets Leaking?
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Are Multiple Leaky Faucets Driving You Crazy?

The Root Cause For Multiple or Repeated Leaks: A Damaged PRV

Are Multiple Leaky Faucets Driving You Crazy?

You’ve already replaced a fixture, but then those new parts start leaking again! It’s irritating and even disturbing. What’s going on?

If this is happening to you, read on.

No one wants to deal with returning leaks, especially late at night or first thing in the morning when they’re usually noticed. Your brain yells, “I just fixed that!”. If you’ve been having consistent or repeated plumbing problems, there’s likely a larger issue. Replacing a fixture again isn’t the answer, so put the tools down for a minute.

At United Installers Plumbing, we understand home-owners are smart. You’re likely capable of fixing some things yourself. But a damaged PRV is often the cause for this situation. Since these larger valves protect the whole house, solving your problem is a little more than a basic fix.

Sometimes it’s best to hire a professional plumber to get the job done right the first time.

This might be one of those times, but how can you tell?

So Let’s Save Time And Money by Fixing the Actual Problem

Save money by fixing what’s actually causing your plumbing problems. Want to eliminate the headache and save time and effort on the repair process? Call your most reliable Douglasville plumber today! 770.694.6962 
We’ll diagnose issues quickly and give you full information so you can best make your decision. 

A Pressure Reducing Vallve – The Home’s Protection Against High Water Pressure

PRV valves protect your home by regulating and reducing the water pressure in a home or building.

Here are the basic fact you need as a home-owner:

  • Water pressure in the main pipes in the street is much higher than what’s safe inside homes and buildings.
  • Faucets, toilets, showers, water-heaters, and even pipes are damaged when they’re exposed to higher water pressures. It’s just a matter of time, usually.
  • This is a safety issue because pipes and water heaters can burst when damaged by continual high pressure. So, PRVs are truly a safety valve for your whole home.
  • In a home or building, this valve is usually attached right after the city or municipality meter. If it’s damaged, you’ll need water turned off at the source, isolating you entire home or building. Hiring your local licensed plumber is not only safer for that, but necessary to conform with local plumbing codes.
  • Trying to fix this yourself can cause unusually high costs. Very high water bills and municipal fines aren’t unheard-of in this situation.

Because of how risky unlicensed repair is, we need to make a quick statement:

United Installers Plumbing:

“Because the PRV connects your home’s main water line to the municipal supply, never attempt a do-it-yourself fix. Always call a licensed plumbing professional to replace or repair your pressure regulating valve.”

That said, there are affordable water pressure test gauges on Amazon you can use to test your pressure regulating valve yourself, so you can at least tell if this is your issue. Here in Atlanta, the highest water pressure allowable pressure in home is 80psi, and unless your fixtures are top of the line, we recommend 60-70 psi.

But what’s the easiest way to test your home or building’s water pressure?

If you’re in Douglasville or close by, contact United Installers Plumbing and we’ll test your water pressure for free.
If you’re somewhere else in Atlanta, Marietta or the surrounding area we do charge inspection fees.But these fees are waived the moment you hire us to do a job, so you’re still covered.

Take Preventative Measures to Avoid Future Emergencies.

Costly Pipes, Couplings, Water Heaters & Other Home Plumbing Can Be Damaged By High Water Pressure!

If you have a damaged PRV and high water pressure, it’s not just damaging the toilets and sinks.

Here are some of more expensive risks in this situation:

Piping leaks or bursts underground, under cement or around foundations.

  • This is always expensive to fix because of the labor and damages.
  • Very expensive water bills are also almost universal if this happens. It often takes a while for the puddles to show the leaks.

Piping leaks or bursts in the home or building.

  • Water damage is no joke, flooding is never something you want in your home. This is also very expensive.

Damage requiring replacement of your water heater.

  • Sometimes the expansion tank just needs replacing, but sometimes the tank itself is damages.

Thankfully, more extensive damages usually don’t occur right away, but if you’ve had multiple leaks in your faucets and toilets, you owe it to yourself to call a plumber to check this.

Why not let United Installers Plumbing check for free?

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