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In the unfortunate event that you experience leaks, take the correct steps as quickly as possible. Waiting causes a higher repair bill and more damage to your property. Our expert technicians are industry leaders in non-destructive, accurate detection of all types of leaks.

Leak Detection & The Main Causes Of Leaks:


Everything breaks down overtime, and pipes, whether plastic or metal are no exceptions. Metal pipes can corrode, notably steel and cast iron, and older types of plastic like grey poly and CVPVC can become brittle as they age.

Settling In Foundations & The Ground

As foundations and walls settle, embedded pipes can be damaged, causing leaks, and same goes for pipes that are simply burried. Here in Atlanta the amount of water movement makes settling leaks very common.

Tree & Shrub Roots Growth

As water cools or heats quickly, it expands and contracts, and when temperatures change quickly back and forth, this is especially damaging to pipes. Proper burial, installation and insulation methods are key to avoiding this.

Sewer Lines Backups

Sewer line buildup, clogs and back ups can place pressure on the pipes, sometimes causing seal damage. These are usually slow leaks that are hard to pinpoint for the layperson, but we’ll detect and repair them quickly.

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Leaks cause ongoing water and damage costs that keeps increasing until they’re fixed!

Faucet Drain Piping Repair

Leak Detction Basics: Faster Is Cheaper

Leaks are an on-going loss of money the longer they run. Leaks create damages that are often unseen for a time, and early detection is by far the best way we’ve found to reduce the cost of a plumbing repair.

Service Areas:

Douglasville GA – Where it all started!

Our team of local, Douglasville, Ga. plumbers has decades of combined experience! We provide solutions from water leak detection or sewer line drainage repair all to way to full kitchen or bath renovations. Our plumbers can add, remove or repair water supplies, appliances, and drainage to any part of a building or home. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to providing a quality, licensed plumber at an affordable price point.

Now – Customers All Over Metro Atlanta, Marrietta & Smyrna!

A full list of our service areas continues to grow, and we couldn’t be happier! We routinely serve in cities in most of Metro-Atlanta and odds are always good one of our plumber will be available nearby you in the same day. Our local values means even in you’re in the Atlanta-Metro, you can get an estimate and plumbing service that’s reliable and affordable.