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Remodeling can start out as a fun project. Mayby you look at photos and picking out the fixtures that will go in your kitchen and bathrooms. It’s such fun picking out counter tops, cabinets, lighting and everything that makes a bathroom or kitchen beautiful. Whether you’re building or beautifying your home or even putting it up for sale, United Installers Plumbing is the best way to make sure it all comes out right! 

It’s exciting when everything arrive at your home or business and you can imagine exactly how it is going to look. Unfortunately, a remodel can quickly turn into a nightmare without the right plumber on the job! It’s much better to have an inspection and get the information you need to make your decisions while planning, rather than finding surprises as the work is done.

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Remodeling can sometimes involve replacing everything in your bathroom or kitchen. Removing appliances, cabinets and essentially dismantling one of two of the most important rooms in your home or business can be tough! We know an extensive remodeling job will take this room out of commission for until it’s complete. At United Installers, you can count on us for a quality job done not only right, but also in the time frame that’s promised!

It’s important to call someone who works well with city officials, knows building codes, and can give you advice and ideas on your remodel.We can make your dream bathroom or kitchen a reality with our extensive experience. At United Installers, we can also correct any issues with any code violations. Plumbing code violations can be issued on routine inspections. If you receive a violation, don’t panic. Give us a call today and one of our expert technicians will give you a fast fair estimate.

Why Not Plan With A Full Plumbing Inspection?

Best to start by planning the right way. Have a full plumbing inspection on your home before you start your next renovation. Our experts will walk your property, inspect, diagnose, and give you the information you need to make your best decision.

Before commiting to a remodel, see if you’re starting with a good plumbing base. Asking a licensed and experienced plumber for input is a great way to start any project that involves your plumbing.

At United Installers Plumbing, we’de really rather help you set your plumbing remodel up right than have to help you fix it later. It’s just easier, so here’s a coupon:

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$ 275 Plumbing Whole Home Inspection

We’ll send a certified and experienced plumber to assure you have the knowledge to make the right choices. Make sure that renovation or sale comes out right! Call today.