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United Installers has been offering sewer and drain services for many years, enduring not only for our quality, but for our fair value as well. We know you’ve seen an ad or 2 that may seem to good to be true. Instead of competing with deals that rely on confusing terms, we’ll come out, create a price for just what it will take to solve your unique problem and nothing more.

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We would never offer a bandaid fix, if we see something in your drains or sewer system that need to be addressed, we’ll alert you. Often in clearing a drain or sewer, we can also provide an estimate to fix the problem for good.

Proven Technologies For Clearing & Cleaning

Sewer lines that have become slow and clog often can point to a more serious issue, but complete replacement is rarely needed. United Installers Plumbing offers hydrojetting service, a pressurized water solution that can clear years of grime off the inside of those pipes.

No Sewer & Drain Job Too Complex For Our Customers

If a sewer line is damaged, or a larger issue such as pipe sag from settling ground is plaguing you, at least get an idea of what you’re facing. We offer full service sewer line camera and leak location services to inform our customers. If it needs replaced, we’ll tell you, but if we can offer a quality repair, that will be our first offer.

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We started in sewer and drain, and we’ve been in the business over a decade. We’ve got the knowledge and proven techniques our customers and their families rely on.

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Rooter Service

Sewer & Drain Clogs Cleared – For Good!

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Fast rooter service for kitchen sinks, bathtubs, toilets, floor drains, bathroom sinks, and all other drains running to the main sewer lines. The most stubborn tough clogs are no match for our drain clearing professionals!

Full Inspection

As licensed and experienced professionals we also inspect your sewer lines, a service you need to make an informed decision, especially if multiple drains are running slower than they used to. Diagnostic sewer line service are also always available.

More Permanent Solutions

Our company has been in the business over ten years, and our sewer and drain service has always been a primary part of that. We offer proven sewer repair and water jetting cleaning services for all drain types.

United Installers Plumbing Rooter Service – Sewer & Drain Problems: Solved Fast

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Have you flushed your toilet and it overflowed, making a huge mess?   Took a shower in a foot of standing soapy water? Or worse yet, have you ever flushed your toilet and had what you flushed come up another drain?

Don’t worry, you are not alone! It happens to many homeowners everywhere. Why do most homeowners call United Installers Plumbing to fix those nasty, stubborn clogs? They know that our professionals will have them flushing, washing, and showering in hours…not days later!