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Toilet Repairs and Inspections

When water rises and you panic as dirty unsanitary water spills on the floor, call us at United Installers to fix if fast! If your toilet needs plunging on a regular basis, then there’s likely an obstruction farther down the drain pipe or even a larger problem in the sewer line, that’s why United Installers performs a free inspection with our toilet service.

Water running for an extended period of time after a flush is a simple flush valve repair, but if it’s happened more than once, you may be at risk for larger damages. Check our PRV page for more information

Don’t jiggle the handle! Call United Installers Plumbing and end costly water bills!

Toilet Replacement

Sometimes it is just more cost efficient to replace a toilet with a newer model that will save water. Most older toilets use 3.5 gallons per flush compared to the newer low-flow that use 1.6 gallons with the same flushing power! The savings will add up every month as you do your part in helping the environment with water conservation! United Installers Plumbing can help you decide which model best fits your specific needs and install it quickly and professionally.

Old toilets are removed when you decide to upgrade; it’s all a part of our standard installation.

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Toilet Plumbing Services

United Installers offers complete toilet repairs and new installations for your home or office. We can help with any project, large or small from fixing a leaky toilet to a whole bathroom remodel.

If you want to choose installing a new toilet, we have all the information to help you make the best buying decision.

We’re happy to provide estimates for repair or installation, so that when you have your quote we can get your project done right!

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Includes a whole house inspection, new fill valve, flapper & supply line with labor included.

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