Atlanta Water Damage Restoration

Atlanta homes are prone to flooding year-round. Whether you have water damage from an issue in your plumbing system or large amounts of rain caused your damage, one thing is for certain: You need your home cleaned and repaired now. As one of the top Atlanta water damage restoration companies we understand your urgency, and we have trained professionals ready to assist you in any emergency.

What To Do When Your Home Has Flooded

  1. Don’t Panic! Everything will be okayCall an Atlanta water damage restoration company, such as United Installers at 770-694-6962.
  2. Turn Off Your Home’s Water. This is done by turning the handle on your shutoff valve found either on the outside of your home or near the water heater.
  3. Disconnect Power in Affected Areas. Water and electricity are a dangerous combination! You can turn the power off in certain areas of your home at your breaker box.
  4. Unplug & Remove Electronics. To save your appliances or prevent further damage to your electronic equipment, unplug them and move to a dry, unaffected area of your home.
  5. Move Furniture & Other Items. To minimize damage to your belongings, move your furniture and other portable items to an unaffected area in your home.
  6. Document Damage Total, including personal losses. Your insurance company will need this information, and in the state of an emergency, it can be hard to recall certain information without writing it down.

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Once our water damage restoration team arrives at your home, we will perform the following services:

Water Removal Services

The first step to completing the water damage restoration process is to remove all water from your home. If you don’t act fast, you can face mold, mildew, and other dangerous conditions that come with home flooding. Even just a few inches of water can create a serious threat to your home and its belongings. United Installers has trained professionals that understand how to remove water while also cleaning and deodorizing your home, returning it back to a like-new state.

Stocked with the most advanced water restoration equipment, our vehicles hold everything needed to properly remove water from your home. We will perform extraction, drying, and moisture testing services to ensure your home’s moisture levels are returned to normal and is safe to stay.

Home Flooding Cleanup

Once the water has been safely removed from your home, the cleanup process begins. This includes removing unsalvageable items and replacing drywall and flooring, while also cleaning and disinfecting the affected areas. Our water damage repair experts will additionally deodorize and thoroughly dry your home’s area that was damaged from flooding.

Flooding often occurs in basements for many reasons. Heavy storms, a broken appliance, improper drainage around basement walls, and faulty sump pumps are just a few reasons you may experience basement flooding. No matter what caused your water damage, you will need a trusted and experienced home flooding cleanup company. We perform temperature, humidity, and moisture testing to ensure your home has been properly cleaned according to industry standards.

Flood Damage Restoration

No matter if you’ve used a visual page builder before, with Brizy you’ll be a pro the second yoWhile many Atlanta water damage restoration companies only specialize in fixing floors, United Installers understands flooding affects much more. Our experts will inspect not only your carpets and flooring, but walls and other areas of your house to make sure all affected areas are thoroughly repaired and restored.u start using it.

Our team of water damage professionals is experienced in finding the cause of your home’s flooding. In the case your accident was caused by an issue with your plumbing system, United Installers can diagnose and repair the problem at the same time. Our water damage and plumbing experts specialize in a variety of plumbing services, reducing the chances of a similar situation in the future.


Businesses need help more than homes. Get that revenue moving again!

In addition to working with Atlanta homes, United Installers offers commercial water damage restoration services, too. Our team will work directly with your insurance company to give you the most hassle-free experience possible. If your water damage was caused by an issue with your plumbing system, we can make repairs to it as well.

We are dedicated to making your water damage experience as simple and stress-free as possible. We serve Metro-Atlanta, including areas like Alpharetta, Douglasville, and Marietta.