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Consider the costs

if that water line isn’t fixed or replaced…

With the cost of water damage to architecture and the high water bills a leaking water line will create, repair and even replacement is cost effective. Today’s materials provide much more durable solutions then in previous years, and modern techniques have made this a routine and cost-effective process for plumbers. Even if you’re home is larger or on a large property set back from the road, you may be surprised. 

Modern trenchless installations can make even the largest jobs much more affordable than was previously possible. Water service repairs are certainly not that costly, especially if there is a single place to dig up and repair pipe in. If you have a leak and it looks like it will be difficult to find, fear not, United Installers licensed plumbers will find that break fast, and give you the information you need. Emergency plumbing is always available, and we have financing as well, so call today.  

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Affordable Water Supply Repair & Replacement

 Our Plumbers will help you determine exactly what is right for your home, business, and budget, taking into consideration your needs and usage expectations.  Contact us today becasue we have experience and expertise in the materials and local issues you may face. We can offer you, in just a short time, the information you need to decide, so let’s get that hassle solved.

The good news is that repair is usually cheaper than full replacement. The key is to get help quickly if you notice leaks in your yard, because an experienced plumber has tools and understanding to find and diagnose why these leaks are there. 

The biggest question for most homeowners is, “how much?”, and the answer is as different as every home. Run length (how long the pipe is), and landscaping are usually the largest variable costs. 

Even when we have to reccomend a full water line replacement, the cost is often more affordable than homeowners realize.

For 90% of residential homeowners in 3-4 bedroom homes in residential neighborhoods the cost of damage to your plumbing, yard and the cost of all that leaking water is the largest cost and most imediate concern. 

How much is water service replacement?

Cost is the single biggest worry for most homeowners. That’s why we always attempt to offer a repair estimate.

Basic Understanding For The Homeowner

So, what is a water line replacement or repair, anyway?

  • Introduction
  • Main Aspects to Look For

 Well, the first thing is to imaging the starting place for all your home water, at least just your home.

At your street, unless you’re on a well, there’s pipe that connects your home to your municipality’s water mains, which are large pipe supplying water to everyone in the community.

These water mains are at higher pressures and have a connection of some type to the waterline that runs to your home. So prior to coming into you home, the water is reduces in pressure by a PRV, or pressure reducing valve.

**Incidentally, “pipe bursting”, as it’s called, is a process of replacing this connection, often with a larger diameter pipe. 

Main Aspects to Look For

This main water line, or water service as plumbers call it, has several important aspects. 

  • The main water supply line, or water service, usually has much higher water pressures than your home plumbing. A pressure reducing valve, or PRV, is installed when the home is built, but often wears and may need to be replaced as well
  • The longer the water service, the more friction can reduce the flow, so we size water lines according to a standard calculation, with the most common applications being pipes 3/4 to 1-1/4 inches across. 
  • Last, a water line’s materials and installation can drastically affect its lifespan, Newer materials, like PEX, are both more flexible and more durable than some of the other materials that have been used historically in our area.

Our productivity and lifestyle depend upon adequate running water in the rooms of our home or business. Often, a leak in the yard that doesn’t smell of sewer is a first sign of an aging water supply. At United Installers, we have access to the newest techniques and materials for repairs and even replacing the whole waterline, but we’ll never sell you something you don’t need. Traditional trenching can often be much more affordable than other options, especially for small to mid-sized neighborhood homes. Rest assured our plumbers will offer you a quality and up-to-code solution at a price you can afford. Some signs to look for are outside leaks in your yard, especially ones that smell “clean” (sewer and drain leaks are usually easy to spot by their smell), and a water bill that suddenly spikes up in cost.