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Garbage Disposal

Everyone loves a great meal but hates all the clean up that has to come after. The one thing that makes that duty less demanding is a well working garbage disposal. If not maintained and operated properly, your garbage disposal can clog and break causing a variety of expensive repairs. The good news is that most problems are […]

leaky shower

Are Multiple Leaky Faucets Driving You Crazy? The Root Cause For Multiple or Repeated Leaks: A Damaged PRV Are Multiple Leaky Faucets Driving You Crazy? You’ve already replaced a fixture, but then those new parts start leaking again! It’s irritating and even disturbing. What’s going on? If this is happening to you, read on. No […]

Scam Alert Scheme Ripoff

Learn How to Spot Signs of Plumbing Rip-Offs When you need to call a professional plumber, you have a distinct problem that needs addressing pretty quickly. Professional plumbers have extensive training and expertise to solve your problems and most will work efficiently to do so. However, there are some plumbers that try to take advantage […]

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We Repair & Replace All Tankless and Traditional Tanks Style Water Heaters.

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We Repair & Replace All Makes & Models Of Faucets For Sinks, Shower Tubs etc.

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Our Rooter Service Is Fast, & We Always Find Out The “Why” For You

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We Repair & Replace All Makes & Model Of Toilets & Bidets

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Fast, Quality Affordable Home Water Service/ Main Water Line Repair & Replacement

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Leak Detection For Inside & Outside Building & Homes

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We Service Main Water Line Break Icon& Replace Garbage Disposals Quick & Easy

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United Installers Is Licensed and Experienced. We Offer Sollutions From Gas Meter Install & Repair To Simple Gas lInes for Stoves & Water Heaters.