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Certified Backflow Testing, Installations, and Repairs

For Certified Backflow Testing, Installations, and Repairs.

United Installers Plumbing is certified in backflow testing, installation, and repairs. Backflow occurs when contaminated water flows from the building back into the clean water supply, creating a health hazard. Regular testing and maintenance of backflow prevention devices are essential to ensure the safety of your water supply, and our team of expert plumbers are here to help. United Installers Plumbing is dedicated to providing high-quality services and ensuring that our clients have access to the best solution for their needs. With our certification and expertise, you can trust United Installers Plumbing to keep your water supply safe and secure.

Certified Backflow Testing

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Repair or Replace Backflow Prevention Devices

Many municipal codes require annual testing of backflow prevention devices. You can be fined if your testing is not complete on time or the water supply to your property or business might be cut off.

Schedule your yearly backflow inspection to ensure compliance with local codes, to ensure water safety, and to avoid fines on your business.

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