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From a small grease-trap for home use to a grease trap for restaurants, United Installers Plumbing provides full service. There is one thing that will always be a need for larger scale cooking, and that’s disposing of the yucky grease that piles up while you’re doing it. It can cause drains to get clogged up, causing not only a horrible smell but also a health and safety hazard. Because of this, the best prevention is installing a properly sized and installed grease trap.

Our plumbers at United Installers are trained and experienced at handling all grease trap installations and repairs. 

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We Support Every Brand Of Grease Trap Including Zurn, Smith And Watts

Grease Trap Repairs & Replacement

It’s critical to manage your cost by properly maintaining your grease trap. Scheduled cleaning services must sufficiently support your grease volume, because a full trap can overflow and coat your sewer lines with grease, increasing cost for a plumbing fix, and stopping your kitchen Dead.

There goes your customer experience down the drain, instead of your water!