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From a small grease-trap for home use to a grease trap for restaurants, United Installers Plumbing provides full service. There is one thing that will always be a need for larger scale cooking, and that’s disposing of the yucky grease that piles up while you’re doing it. It can cause drains to get clogged up, causing not only a horrible smell but also a health and safety hazard. Because of this, the best prevention is installing a properly sized and installed grease trap.

Our plumbers at United Installers are trained and experienced at handling all grease trap installations and repairs. 

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We Support Every Brand Of Grease Trap Including Zurn, Smith And Watts

Grease Trap Repairs & Replacement

It’s critical to manage your cost by properly maintaining your grease trap. Scheduled cleaning services must sufficiently support your grease volume, because a full trap can overflow and coat your sewer lines with grease, increasing cost for a plumbing fix, and stopping your kitchen Dead.

There goes your customer experience down the drain, instead of your water!

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Our team of local, Douglasville, Ga. plumbers has decades of combined experience! We provide solutions from water leak detection or sewer line drainage repair all to way to full kitchen or bath renovations. Our plumbers can add, remove or repair water supplies, appliances, and drainage to any part of a building or home. Most importantly, we’re dedicated to providing a quality, licensed plumber at an affordable price point.

Now – Customers All Over Metro Atlanta, Marrietta & Smyrna!

A full list of our service areas continues to grow, and we couldn’t be happier! We routinely serve in cities in most of Metro-Atlanta and odds are always good one of our plumber will be available nearby you in the same day. Our local values means even in you’re in the Atlanta-Metro, you can get an estimate and plumbing service that’s reliable and affordable.